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Isla Eckinger and Riner Scivally

The performances on this cd were recorded at Talking Dog Studio in San Pedro, California, then mixed in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. All the performances are live and there is no over-dubbing. The music is about half original compositions and half standards but features 3 different configurations of instruments. Because Isla plays the bass, trombone and vibes we were able to create a duo recording that has a lot of variety and in each configuration the role of the guitar changes. Even the sound of the guitar changes slightly depending on the instrument it is accompanying.

Isla Eckinger has performed in Europe with jazz greats such as Stephane Grappelli, Mal Waldron and Wild Bill Davis. Riner Scivally has performed in the US with Larance Marable, Putter Smith and in Japan with Alan Broadbent.

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