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Our Delight

Paul Gormley Quartet

Our Delight


Review By Eric Harabadian


From the first note there is a familiarity and

comfort you feel that states this is the real deal! The

vibe is vintage and very organic in that, in this age of

pitch correction, Pro Tools and fix-it-in-the-mix mentality,

these guys came to play. And play they do!

Bassist Paul Gormley produced, mixed and oversaw

this recording with an ear for spontaneity and retaining

a live and spartan approach. This is evident from

the outset with their take on Tadd Dameron’s “Good

Bait.” Sam Most and Gormley play the melody in unison,

with great original and personal chordal voicings

from Larry Koonse. Henry Mancini’s “Lujon” stands out

as well as the lower registers of Most’s alto flute suggest

a beautiful tribal melody as Koonse’s angular

chords and lead lines counterpoint seamlessly. “ You

and I” is a brisk samba where Most really dominates

with a hefty mix of bebop and blues lines and “I Fall

in Love Too Easily” is a nice spotlight for Gormley

who beautifully establishes the melody on this classic

Jules Stein/Sammy Cahn ballad.

The aptly named "Our Delight" should be any

classic jazz lover’s delight bar none!


Paul Gormley, bass

Sam Most, flute, alto flute (#3)

Paul Kreibich, drums

Larry Koonse, guitar

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